Best New Year Cocktail Party Ideas (Updated)

New Year is the time of celebration and parties. Parties are incomplete without drinks. Here are some awesome New Year eve cocktails suggestions for your help. Hope you will like this on New Year 2017.

new year cocktail party ideas

Top 15 Cocktail ideas for New Year

French 75

This a classic cocktail as we all know. This is a must cocktail item on New Year party. It will enhance your dignity twice.

Grapefruit Mimosas

This is a unique drink for New Year party. The citrus flavor in wintry season makes people mad.

Creamsicle Fizz

This is a creamy and fizzy cocktail. This is a great option in New Year party.

Pomegranate Moscow Mule

It is a really eye soothing drinks I have ever seen. If you want to surprise your guests then you should add this cocktail on your cocktail menu.

Cranberry Sauce Margarita

If you want some twist in your drinks then Cranberry Sauce Margarita is the right option for this purpose.

Cranberry Spice Cocktail

This is appropriate for any festive season. Cranberry Spice is a sweet tart cocktail and it is very smooth.

Orange Cherry Champagne Cocktail

It is a very unusual combination for cocktail ideas. People who like champagne can try this. It will surely blow your mind.

Pomegranate Margaritas

Want to make one big batch drink at a time? Then Pomegranate Margaritas is the coolest option at your New Year party.

Cranberry cheer

The taste of this cocktail is sweet. If you add this to the cocktail menu then it will definitely spreads the environment of holiday cheer.

Old Fashioned

This is an old and authentic cocktail what does not get old. The demand of this kind never gets out of fashion.

Sparkling Julep

Those who like wine will surely love this cocktail item. To make a traditional Sparkling Julep you need sparkling wine, sugar cube and fresh mint spring.


Make this one as a welcome drink for all on New Year Party.

Champagne Cocktail

This is mixture of sparkling wine and angostura. Garnish this cocktail with lemon peel.

Apricot Fizz

It is really a tasty cocktail. To make this you need vodka, apricot nectar and sparkling wine.

Fizzy Sorbet Cocktail

This is a mixed punch of desert and drinks. From adults to children everybody like this cocktail.