Difference between iMessage and SMS at a Glance

iMessage and SMS even though both the services are available on the same app in your iPhone or iPad they are two different services. iMessage is developed based on the standard SMS texting but to offer more flexibility and usage than the SMS. SMS service is available almost since the start of mobile industry but iMessage had only started after 2010 with the advent of smartphone. iMessage for Windows has also been released few days back.

imessage vs sms

Difference between iMessage and SMS:


In messaging app for iPhone both the SMS and iMessage texts are shown which creates a lot of confusion between the two services. Users can differentiate by identifying that standard SMS are shown in green background and iMessage are shown in blue background. This is the major and only difference between the two services.


At its peak in 2010 an average 193k per second SMS texts are sent across the world which is 6.1 trillion SMS text messages per year and a total of 3.5 billion devices are using SMS service in 2010.

iMessage which has started in 2011 had started dominating SMS service and most of the teens and adults had started using iMessage since then. This increase of the usage of messaging app standard SMS popularity had been decreased since then but still every smartphone had this service. Apple doesn’t release the exact figures but it is estimated that around 1 Billion+ devices are connected to iMessage.


iMessage is an instant text messaging app for Apple devices. It can send messages using internet either in your mobile or through Wi-Fi. With iMessage users can send unlimited number of texts, photos, videos, group chats and documents. Users are not charged a penny to use iMessage in any form.

SMS is a short form to Short Messaging Service, yes users can only send messages with a limit of only 160 characters.Users need to purchase a SMS pack from carriers to use SMS for low prices or they will deduct exaggerated price for each SMS.  These messages can only be sent between two mobile numbers of same or different carriers and group chats are not possible for users.


iMessage is a very reliable messaging service where users can receive immediately after connecting to internet. In many studies standard SMS are lost around 1% to 5% which makes it unreliable.


iMessage works only with Apple devices which is a major disadvantage for iMessage.  Not all the people are affordable to buy a costly Apple device many people uses Android devices and the people using iMessage cannot send any message to these people.

SMS service is a basic option in even the cheapest mobile available in market. To send a message the only requirement is to know the mobile number of the person of course you need a minimum balance in your mobile or an SMS pack.

So these are the major differences between iMessage and regular SMS. Do you think any other aspect should be available in the comparison? Please use our comment section to notify us.