FIFA 18 Could Improve Further in the Manager Mode

EA Sports have provided gamers with the latest sports-arcade games since a long time and the gaming industry has come a long way since then. And without any doubt whatsoever, Electronic Arts pride itself for the global success of their FIFA games which quite clearly is one of the most played games in the world. The game developers recently rolled out FIFA 17 in November 2016 sporting the latest Frostbite engines and all new gaming modes. The latest iteration of the much celebrated franchise was subjected to enormous positive acclaim with gamers coming out in praise of both the game play as well as the graphics performance of the game.

Now we all know FIFA fans are impatient as well as intelligent ones ad anticipation for FIFA 18 by EA Sports is huge already with a considerable number of FIFA enthusiasts racking their brains in trying to figure out what the forthcoming 2017 game is going to feature. One fact which is definitely true as of today is that FIFA 18 will offer a further enriching gaming experience owing to the in-process development of 4K technology as well as virtual reality gaming. By the time EA Sports decides to roll out FIFA for its fans, these technologies might well be prevalent offering gamers the best possible viewing and gaming experience possible.

FIFA 17 sported significant upgrades from FIFA 16 and one of its USPs has been the much appreciated ‘Journey’ mode which lets gamers control the chronological lifetime of one single football player as he progresses in his career in the game. Speculations regarding what FIFA 18 might sport are substantial but a few of those might eventually materialize once the developers tease the game for us sometime in the middle of the year.

A Better Manager Mode?

One particular development a lot of people want to see in FIFA 18 is a dedicated Journey mode for the manager, which will not only give gamers an in-depth idea of the commercial and technical aspects of the game but also provide a change and break in gaming as well. The Manager Journey mode be even more intriguing if there specific back stories for each character adding realism to the virtual campaign.

Another significant development which FIFA 18 might sport is a dedicated training session within the already existing manager mode which will allow the managers to train his players and strategise at discretion. With Artificial Intelligence already undergoing significant developments, it will not be surprising at all if future FIFA iterations end up supporting in-game voice commands. Just like a real manager of the field of play. Completely hands-free. this game is run smooth on best gaming laptop under $1000.

Judging by EA’s pattern of rolling out FIFA iterations it is quite predictable that we would see FIFA 18 rolled out sometime in November 2017. However, we are hopeful that they will provide fans with a teaser of FIFA 18 soon enough so that at least some of the speculations pertaining to the game will get cleared up. It is quite a long time left for even that though.