Difference between iMessage and SMS at a Glance

iMessage and SMS even though both the services are available on the same app in your iPhone or iPad they are two different services. iMessage is developed based on the standard SMS texting but to offer more flexibility and usage than the SMS. SMS service is available almost since the start of mobile industry but iMessage had only started after 2010 with the advent of smartphone. iMessage for Windows has also been released few days back.

imessage vs sms

Difference between iMessage and SMS:


In messaging app for iPhone both the SMS and iMessage texts are shown which creates a lot of confusion between the two services. Users can differentiate by identifying that standard SMS are shown in green background and iMessage are shown in blue background. This is the major and only difference between the two services.


At its peak in 2010 an average 193k per second SMS texts are sent across the world which is 6.1 trillion SMS text messages per year and a total of 3.5 billion devices are using SMS service in 2010.

iMessage which has started in 2011 had started dominating SMS service and most of the teens and adults had started using iMessage since then. This increase of the usage of messaging app standard SMS popularity had been decreased since then but still every smartphone had this service. Apple doesn’t release the exact figures but it is estimated that around 1 Billion+ devices are connected to iMessage.


iMessage is an instant text messaging app for Apple devices. It can send messages using internet either in your mobile or through Wi-Fi. With iMessage users can send unlimited number of texts, photos, videos, group chats and documents. Users are not charged a penny to use iMessage in any form.

SMS is a short form to Short Messaging Service, yes users can only send messages with a limit of only 160 characters.Users need to purchase a SMS pack from carriers to use SMS for low prices or they will deduct exaggerated price for each SMS.  These messages can only be sent between two mobile numbers of same or different carriers and group chats are not possible for users.


iMessage is a very reliable messaging service where users can receive immediately after connecting to internet. In many studies standard SMS are lost around 1% to 5% which makes it unreliable.


iMessage works only with Apple devices which is a major disadvantage for iMessage.  Not all the people are affordable to buy a costly Apple device many people uses Android devices and the people using iMessage cannot send any message to these people.

SMS service is a basic option in even the cheapest mobile available in market. To send a message the only requirement is to know the mobile number of the person of course you need a minimum balance in your mobile or an SMS pack.

So these are the major differences between iMessage and regular SMS. Do you think any other aspect should be available in the comparison? Please use our comment section to notify us.

What Are Some of the Best Resource to Watch Free Cartoons Online?

If you love watching cartoons or note that your kids want to view cartoons, and are not happy with the television package that you have currently, then you will want to know some of the best websites to watch cartoons online. Some websites provide you with free service, while some might charge you with a small fee.

In this article we will read about some of the best resource to watch free cartoons online.

Live streaming

Live streaming is one of the best ways to watch cartoons for free online. You just need to have a media player installed on your computer. It can be the Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player which are very popular media players. There are many reliable websites which live stream televisions stations around the world.

watch cartoons online

These websites do not give lot of importance to cartoons however they have a decent collection for you to watch along with your family. Apart from that, they also have excellent videos and music videos to watch from. They also allow you stream programs which are airing in real-time. When you want to watch live, then you will want to upload new episodes after original airing.


Hulu is a site which provides its members with the ability to watch videos from popular television programs to stream. They are many movies too. However, the main contents are popular TV shows. Episodes are available to watch hours after original airtime. It allows you to watch it immediately and not the next day.


Alluc contains several links to videos on which, you can watch movies, television shows, documentaries and cartoons. They are organized into sections, which help you find what you are looking for immediately and watch them. In this case, it is cartoons and you will want to consider using this website.

Network websites

You have several network websites like cartoon network which allow you to view cartoons. Network websites are a great site to watch and view cartoons because they have an awesome collection. Cartoons, which were aired several years ago and are your personal favorites, can be viewed.

These websites are fast to load and are extremely reliable. Apart from that, there are also website like ABC.com and NBC.com which provide you with several shows to view.


Netflix comes with several videos. But, you will have to wait the season to be released and there are no assurances that they will live stream. Many shows are updated which include Saturday Night Live which is considered as one of the most popular comedy shows in the world.


You would surely know Amazon. You can purchase an entire series for dead cheap rates. They always provide discounts on some of their collections it is just that you need to keep your eyes open. After downloading, you can transfer them to a device and watch on your preferred media player.

However, being a prime member, you can live stream videos for free of cost.

Downloading from legal sites

It is always better to download from legal websites. Not only do you get quality audio and video, you are not getting yourself into legal issues to. There is the iTunes store which contains several movies, music, and several television episodes. These are pay per episode or whole season. When you want to ensure quality videos and sounds, then download from legal websites.

GTA VI to be announced soon, How will it compare against the GTA V?


Today’s generation is all about games and why wouldn’t they be when we have amazing games like GTA V or Call of Duty, they are so good that even an adult would play these games. Well, speaking about GTA V, Rockstar Games may be doing something strange and big soon. Big, because they might announce the GTA VI and strange because they are going to announce it after taking a short break after the launch of GTA V. GTA V has always been one of the best games of all times, so GTA VI will have to be better than GTA V in order to succeed. Well, Rockstar Games have been working hard so let’s see how will the GTA VI be better than GTA V?



GTA V revolved around the same old cities like Los Santos, San Andreas etc. In Fact, there have not been many changes in the maps since the launch of GTA San Andreas. This time, Rockstar Games have done a big thing as you will not only be able to roam around whole US but whole world. Yes, you heard that right as GTA VI will have worldwide maps and we don’t have to worry about the attention to details as it has always been one of the best features of the GTA series.

Cars and Modifications

GTA V vehicles were inspirited from the real life cars like Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Veyron and many more. This time though, Rockstar games have teamed up with major car manufacturers which will provide them with license to make cars for the GTA VI. So there will be no more weird looking cars but real licensed cars in the game.

GTA V gave us the chance to modify our cars in a really detailed way and Rockstar Games is going to take this further as they will let us customize our cars even more according to our taste. This is a great thing as this way it will make it look cooler. Earlier, we were allowed to modify the appearance by adding body skirts or changing the color of the car or the window tints, but this time we will be able to change the color of the interior of the car or even the upholstery of the car.

 VR Support

GTA V is playable on PC, Playstation as well as Xbox. But GTA 6 will be launched in a number of devices like PS 3, PS 4, Xbox ONE, Xbox 360 and PC and all of them will have a VR support. Virtual Reality support will allow users to experience the game in a different way as the world maps will be enjoyed well on the VR headset.

Facetime not working- Possible Reasons — How to Solve It?

facetime not working

Facetime is famous calling app for iPhone users. It’s a good alternative who wants to keep moving ahead of Skype. Another killing feature of FaceTime is that it’s not that populous. That’s why calling experience is still lag and distortion free. Moreover the size is not bulky; simply it’s the best part to install it on your iPhone. But FaceTime gets encountered with numerous issues. If you know the way to resolve those issues then powers are in your hand.

facetime not working

Facetime not working- Possible Reasons and Remedies  

Numerous problems may pop up and show something that stops FaceTime from being functioned properly. We are gonna disusing about some basic issues that restrict this awesome video calling app to function in a proper way.

App is not starting- Ensure that you have an internet link

First make sure that you have a valid Apple ID. Keep in mind your Apple ID to register FaceTime on iPad 2, iPod touch, or FaceTime for Mac need to be an email address. You can create a brand new Apple ID or do edit by visiting myinfo.apple.com as well as using the “Manage your Account” part.

“Settings of the FaceTime” > FaceTime now verifies your email address. If your status is stating “validating”. Then turn FaceTime off and on (Setups > FaceTime / FaceTime for Mac: FaceTime > Preferences).

Problems in receiving FaceTime phone calls

  • Try to turn the app of FaceTime off and on again making use of the complying with (Setups > Phone / FaceTime > Preferences).
  • Make sure that FaceTime is enabled on your iPhone (Setups > FaceTime.).
  • Ensure that the cam for FaceTime is not limited or restricted (Setups > General > Restrictions.).
  • Tap Settings > General > Day & Time to check date and also time are edited correctly.
  • Make a thing sure that you are making use of the correct approach for calling your friends. Apple iphone user: Use the phone number; iPad 2, iPod touch, or FaceTime for Mac customer: use your email address.

FaceTime app missing in your device

This is a normal issue and it happens maximum times. Is the FaceTime application on your iPad or iPhone missing? Try the following:.

Update to the most up to date version of FaceTime in iOS.

At first get into Setups > General > Restrictions as well as validate FaceTime and Video camera are on. Disabling the camera will certainly disable FaceTime as well.

If you are still having issues, attempt reactivating your gadget by pushing or you can do a thing- holding the Sleep or Wake button for a couple of moments until the red “slide to power off” appears. You can also use Facetime for PC to enjoy it in bigger screen.

These are all. Now be a master of troubleshooting and solve all the FaceTime related issue in ease.